An art blog! I like to draw my characters A LOT. Once in a blue moon you may see some fanart. I hope you enjoy!

I arted



wow i cant draw
*keeps drawing*


proper fucking attitude.

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Ugh. Coming up with short hairstyles for Long sucks. :/

I won this itty bitty sketch book at an art store but idk what I’m gonna draw in it it’s so small.

Katniss is angry because I won’t let her nap on my drawing desk anymore.


artists who are younger than you but are better at everythingimage

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Ugh! I need to stop looking at other peoples art! It’s making me wanna draw my own stuff but I seriously need to hanker down on school work. @__@

Ironically, my final project in my Illustration class is essentially fanart!

I think I figured out why I suck so hard at drawing fanart.

Last night my boyfriend and I were talking about it and he said something along the lines of “fanart not being any different to draw than anything else,” and I told him that’s so far from being true. At least for me.

I think fanart for me is so hard because I don’t have much passion for the subject I’m drawing. Most people who draw fanart really well only draw fanart and have very little (or no OC’s at all.) They’re have fandoms that they obsess over and have a great amount of passion for. So their drawings will turn out great because they love the franchise so much and have so much care for it.

Well it’s the opposite with me. As of right now, I obsess and have great passion for my characters and my story. That’s why when drawing them it’s a piece of cake and the drawings turn out SO much better than anything else. I have no franchise or fandom to obsess over like that. I suppose you could say Rock Lee but now that i’m not pushing a self-insert on him and that Naruto has gone to complete shit (also I haven’t really watched his show), my obsession over him has kind of died.

It’s probably hard to believe but, I don’t really obsess over things that bad. I like things, but if I do obsess over them it’s only for a couple days top. There’s not anything that keeps my interest more than my own characters do and I think that kind of sucks. I can tell when some artist just do fanart for the views and followers, but I don’t want to be that kind of artist. I want to actually enjoy what I’m drawing because I know that if I do actually enjoy it and have some care for it, it will turn out SO much better.

But yeah… TL;DR i’m shit at fanart because I don’t care for it.


Final design and flat colors for Sorcha!!

I want to make an alternate outfit for her for when she sings to the king and queen, buuuut I have to get other things done first.  

More to come soon!

Sorcha and artwork (c) Daryl Wesselman

Honor’s close to stepping into ninja princess territory again…